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OHIO - My Time
OH - how I wish I had more time to do more
pages. I have so much in my files to share and
I do love doing these pages. Such amazing neat
things on the Internet. A lot of talent for sure.
I need to take the time to thank the many who
share things with me. Too many to mention but
you know who you are. Loreen for the music,
Graphics and such - Barbara, Clara, Margaret,
and other individuals, again you know who you are.
Just the many things that flow thru the
groups I am in. "Thank you, thank you!"
Now ..... 
Don't forget my guestbook is now
available again, & its at the bottom of
my pages - let me know you were here!

My Favorites
Three important words to keep
us all on track ...

Wow, wonder what she might be
thinking? Such a kind face.
How so very precious!
A m e n .....
Very Cozy!
He is doing an awesome job.

The goodness of Summer still
is with us. Enjoy the fresh garden
goodness while it lasts.

The Food Korner

Sweet Stuff Today!
Classified as dessert for sure!

OOO! Apple Pie
And I sliced a piece for you!
With Vanilla-Bean Ice Cream!
You're welcome!! :-)

I'm thinking this is a doughnut!

This is a real cake my friends!!
and a sure chocolate fix!

Recipe Korner

I have learned that even when I
have pains, I do not have
to be one.
~Maya Angelou

Down On The Farm

Guess what - Summer flew! 
It's nearly another in the books.
The first day of Fall is Saturday, Sept. 
23rd, 2023 - the same day as the Autumn
Equinox - in the Northern Hemisphere.
The date varies slightly year to year, but
it is usually September 22nd or 23rd.
On rare occasions, it can fall on
September 21st or 24th .... 

The Bike Korner

For the Love Of


Thoughts N Quotes



Native American

The Tea Spot

Let's Read

Porch Sit'nnn

Lost Or 
Perhaps Abandoned

Rather creepy!

Maxine Today

Christian Korner

Gotta go now - have
a good rest of the week. I'll
be back soon.

Just select "create new"

I also seriously support Fire, EMS,
and always our troops!

Now, please go a little further and read all that
I have taken time to include on my pages below.
I will appreciate if you do!
Thank you. 

About Me
I feel deeply, when I love, I love hard, when I believe
in something, I believe with all my heart and my soul and
will stand firm. I believe in God. When I hurt, I hurt
deeply. My feelings get hurt easily and I wish I could
really take nothing personally, but often do. I am a true
animal lover. I love the outside. I love to look up at the
moon and stars. I have survived two cancers. One was
stage 3 Uterine and stage 3 jaw cancer. Both were
difficult roads. Chemo and radiation were 
treatments. I am a survivor since 2013 and
latest was in 2018. Prayers heard and answered.
Most of all, and last but not least.
I miss my Dad, Mom and brother every single day.
This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Hello, and I would like to let you know that I do accept
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Not comfortable with PayPal, simply email me and I can
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The below site will help animals and others. Please
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It only takes a minute. I used to have this on my 
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