Today's page will not be very detailed as I like.
Time is marching on - wish I could put about
ten more hours in a day. Ha. Ha. But here is
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Going way, way, way back to 1455!
Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press,
prints the Bible ... the first time it had been
printed in such a way. While the Gutenberg Bible was
primarily for elite clerical usage, it opened the 
door to mass and untutored readings and
interpretations. The ability to produce hundreds,
if not tens of thousands, of copies made the
Bible a commercial opportunity and a 
cultural revolution. 
And below in the 1950's is a preview of an old
schoolhouse. I do remember those desks, brings
back so many memories. Glad to see the
American flag proudly displayed.
Um, YUM!

And this bike is in a good place!

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