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When I put these pages together each day,
 my goal is to make your day
just a little better. My pages become special,
because you are here.

In 1988
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees 
were: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The
Drifters, Bob Dylan, The Supreme's, Woody
Guthrie, and Les Paul.
What a lineup indeed!!

This photo just melts my heart!
Precious, just precious!
Just amazing!
Winter chill.

World's largest log cabin. Portland,
Oregon, 1938. Built in 1905, burned
down in 1964. 
{Thank you to my friend Sue 
for sharing this photo with me.}
Dr Elizabeth Bruyn is sitting in the back of
her horse-drawn ambulance. 1911.
I did a little research on this lady, and
found this.

Let's rock - and let's roll!!

Sleepy Time!

Just as each one has received a gift, 

use it to serve others, as good 

stewards of the varied grace of God.”
1 Peter 4:10 


And now a prayer .....

Dear God, show me how I can live in unity

with the people You've purposefully put

into my life. Help me to step out of my

comfort zone and be a giver and a receiver

of the blessings You've place within humanity.

In Jesus' name, AMEN.

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