neil diamond-yesterday's songs 1981.mp3

In 1941, the first issue of the Captain America
comic book was published. March 1st is also
and is World Compliment Day. This day marks
the 60th day of 2023 and we have another
305 days to go ......

So peaceful ....

This sure made me think
of Spring ...

I could not resist. A favorite for sure

Now, in our time, we can probably only
imagine how busy this was .....

Yes, this lady appears to be reading or 
looking at her book backwards! But it's
okay - my mother-in-law always began at the
back of a book, catalog or anything of the
kind. I could never quite understand. But then
again, the best most always is saved till last
and I suppose many cannot wait till the end. 
End of story .... 

Wow, such awesome animation here!
I'd give credit if I knew.

Getting closer!

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Thank you. 

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