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When I put these pages together each day,
 my goal is to make your day
just a little better. My pages become special,
because you are here.

Wishing you all a very 
Happy and fun Valentine's Day
1912 : Arizona becomes the 48th state of the union
1920 : The League of Women Voters is 
founded by Carrie Chapman Catt
1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
1929 : Sir Alexander Fleming discovers Penicillin
1933 U.S.A. Banking Problems
1948 : NASCAR holds its first race for 
modified stock cars on a 3.2 mile-course at Daytona Beach
2008 Shooting At Northern Illinois University
Today instead of the sweets I have chosen
some "healthiness" for you to check out.

Now for dessert!

Some Thoughts, 
some Quotes ....

Oh my - this is different!

Oh my, Maxine has
a lot to say about Valentine's Day!

I have many more - but out of time
and out of room. Hope you found something
you like and or maybe can use.  Have a good
day celebrating or not. I am doing nothing
special, but gonna try to embrace this day
and all of the days. 

Now, please go a little further and read all that
I have taken time to include on my pages below.
I will appreciate if you do!
Thank you. 

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