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especially if you might have an older computer.
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You will always see our state bird, the
Cardinal perched somewhere on each
page - love the bird.

May 29th, 2023
Originally called Decoration Day, from the
early tradition of decorating graves with
flowers, wreaths and flags, Memorial Day is a
day for remembrance of those who have
died in service to our country.
Please fly your flag proudly.

So cozy

Whew - such concentration!

OOO - my goodness, how sweet!

What a wonderful room. The rug, the books,
the plants, the pillows, the body of water
out the window, just everything.

And today the bikes are all decked
out for Memorial Day

Life ISN'T tied with a bow ....
but it's still a gift.
If we all threw our problems in a pile and
saw everyone else's, you betcha
we'd grab ours back!
However good or bad a situation, sooner
or maybe later, it WILL change in one
way or possibly many others.


to all that this applies too.

Now, please go a little further and read all that
I have taken time to include on my pages below.
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Sharing a wonderful blog/website

About Me
I feel deeply, when I love, I love hard, when I believe
in something, I believe with all my heart and my soul and
will stand firm. I believe in God. When I hurt, I hurt
deeply. My feelings get hurt easily and I wish I could
really take nothing personally, but often do. I am a true
animal lover. I love the outside. I love to look up at the
moon and stars. I have survived two cancers. One was
stage 3 Uterine and stage 3 jaw cancer. Both were
difficult roads. Chemo and radiation were 
treatments. I am a survivor since 2013 and
latest was in 2018. Prayers heard and answered.
Most of all, and last but not least.
I miss my Dad, Mom and brother every single day.
This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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