Mom and Dad are not dancing.
They are roller skating like they always did
in their dating years and early marriage years.
My brother is smiling watching them.
One day, I hope to join them.
Until then this page is meant to keep
their memory alive. Nothing more,
nothing less. 
This song and its words are perfect.

I am pieces of all the places I have been, we all are.
I am also pieces of the people I have loved. I've been
stitched together by song lyrics such as the above.
Stitched together by book quotes, FB quotes, 
some adventures, late night conversations with
myself when I can't find sleep. Stitched by the
moonlight and always by the smell of coffee and
the wonderful memories I hold in my heart and
in my soul.  No one can take all this from me,
No one, because the stitches are sewn very
tightly together to NEVER be torn apart.