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MMM, that Daily Dose is here somewhere!
AHHHH - here it is!!!

When I put these pages together each day,
 my goal is to make your day
just a little better. My pages become special,
because you are here.

Here we are - the very last day of 31 days
of January - 2023! Zoom! And it's nearly gone.
So be sure and join me tomorrow as I welcome
in the "heart" month of February. Hope to share
lots of Valentine things between now and the 14th.
Thank you all for being here.

These two are sitting looking like they are
having a bit of a disagreement maybe? But their
hearts are showing, and I bet they are fine
now - as it is love that makes the world
go around they say.

In 1961 a chimpanzee named Ham sent into space by
the United States has been recovered alive and well.
The test was one of many planned to ensure that a
human being could survive space flight, think clearly
and perform useful functions outside
the Earth's atmosphere.

-- We have certainly come a long way!

Is it too late for Christmas
Cat tails? Certainly everyone including
those mice are listening carefully!

Now, please go a little further and read all that
I have taken time to include on my pages below.
I will appreciate if you do!
Thank you. 

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